Cindy Lowry responds to the appointment of Trey Glenn as EPA’s Region 4 Administrator

Former ADEM Director Trey Glenn has been appointed as EPA’s Region 4 Administrator.

ARA’s executive director responds to the news to the Washington Post and


Those who worked on environmental issues in Alabama during Glenn’s tenure as director of the state’s environmental agency were not pleased with his appointment.

“Having Glenn now in charge of the entire region, it should be alarming to everyone who cares about clean water,” said Cindy Lowry, executive director of Alabama Rivers Alliance. “He’s made his allegiance to business and industry interest over the environment and public health.”

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Cindy Lowry, executive director of the Alabama Rivers Alliance, cited Glenn’s history of ethics issues and decrease in enforcement actions at ADEM as reasons for concern.

“To have this person in a leadership position of the entire region should be alarming to everyone who cares about clean water and clean air,” Lowry said. “As shocking as this is, it highlights a destructive pattern by the new administration. The one thing they have made clear is the desire to dismantle any laws we have in place to protect public health and the quality of our rivers and streams.”

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